Are you ready to sell your home?

Is your home ready to be sold?

Believe it or not it can take most people a few months to get their home from the comfortable state in which they live:


to decluttered, staged, and ready to sell!

Living Room

Below is a checklist of steps you migt want to take when prepping your home for sale.

  1. Finish all major projects (except the floors do those last) such as painting and updating.
  2. Start purging. This is what may take the longest.
    1. Work on a room at a time
    2. Work on a section at a time. For example start with your bedroom closet, then move to your dresser, then under your bed, etc.
    3. Think of how you want to stage each room as you work on them and consider whether you can repurpose anything such as a scarf as a table cloth.
    4. Create piles for sale and for donation. Throw everything else away immediately.
      1. Unless it really is valuable only give your for sale items one chance at the garage sale or on Ebay, then donate them.
  3. Pack away all non-essentials. You know, all those items you couldn’t donate or sell, but know you won’t need for awhile. This includes:
    1. Family portoraits
    2. Non-decorative books. You might want to leave a coffee table book or two and some cook books.
    3. Knick-nacks
    4. Extra anything! Dishes, glasses, jackets, hats, towels, out of season clothes.
    5. Lesser used appliances. Maybe it’s your microwave, toaster oven, stand mixer. Clear your counters as well as you can.
  4. Stage your home. Rearrange your furniture to make every room look big and welcoming. Be sure to focus on special features such as the fireplace.
  5. With all that clutter out of the way you can finish the job. Deep clean. If you didn’t repaint then wash all the walls and touch up any scuffs. Clean your vents, replace if necessary, hit all the details, baseboards, grout, tall windows, etc.
  6. Finish the floors. If you planned to replace carpeting or restain the wood it will be much easier to do now. Remember sanding wood causes a lot of dust, so be prepared to clean again or you might want to flip #5 & 6, depending on how much cleaning you had to do.

See how it can take months? The good news is, with some hard work up front you will be mostly packed and your home will show in the best possible light making it more attractive to buyers. This can lead to a much faster sale!

Best of luck!

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