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Help Overflow celebrate their three year anniversary on Saturday, March 29. Details here.

Some people mistakenly think of the city as a lonely place. A place where neighbors never get to know each other and the opportunity to make new friends is small. These people live in a different Chicago than I do. If I could give anyone with that mindset one piece of advice it would be to frequent Overflow Coffee.

At Overflow their eyes will be opened to a city full of opportunity, friends, family, and neighbors. Since its inception Brandon and Amanda, the owners of Overflow, brazenly threw their arms around the South Loop and gave it and Chicago a warm welcoming hug. Their mission statement says it all:

Changing the world one cup at a time

Changing the world one cup at a time

Hard working, but social creatures Amanda once explained to me that she wanted the shop to be a third place for people. A place where one can come and relax with old friends and make new ones and where neighbors would gather to further the community.

In that goal they have more than succeeded.

From live, local entertainment

To exhibitions of local artists

To assisting with community meetings

And hosting eye-opening documentary nights

Overflow is located in Daystar Center, the South Loop’s community center, making it an even more natural place for neighbors to gather.

Ambiance aside, Overflow also offers a great variety of beverages, sandwiches, and pastries.

My favorite coffee drink is the Nutella Mocha. In the summertime I ask for an iced one, but it can be dangerous. If I’m not careful I could drink the whole thing in one gulp!

The lemon poppy seed muffin is perfectly moist

And of course you can always take your coffee to go.

Don’t forget to tip!

Help Overflow celebrate their three year anniversary on Saturday, March 29. Details here.

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