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This morning while looking at the new listings I came across a picture of a very unbalanced closet. It was clear that the owners of the home took care to declutter and stage, but the walk in closet showed one empty side

and one full side, as if only one person has moved out.

There could be a huge variety of reasons for this, none of which matter. However, when a buyer walks through the home and has the sense that one person has already moved out the buyer will have a reason to think the seller might be getting desperate to move because most people do not want two mortgages.


When staging remember to declutter your closets, but also keep them balanced. It should look like there is plenty of space for clothing, but not too empty and not too stuffed. Look to closet catalogs for inspiration. They often show closets that have a functional amount of clothing, but aren’t as full as a store at the beginning of the season.

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