In only two weeks the holiday season will be in full swing. In a rare occurrence, that hasn’t happened since 1888 and won’t again for 79,043 years, Hanukkah is falling on Thanksgiving. The day of thanks will be also be the second day of the eight-day festival of lights. Standard decorations and lights of the season will soon shine from buildings across the city until we welcome 2014.

For people who are selling their home this can be a delicate season. The first step in selling is to declutter (remove items from sight), but the first step in celebrating a holiday is to decorate (add items to view). How do you find a balance?

After decluttering and staging your home take into consideration what areas of your home you want to highlight and add decorations there.

Small Deco

  • Do you have a fireplace? Create a seasonal display on the mantel with pine cones and cranberry. Use the items in moderation, to draw attention to the feature but not cover it.
Electric Menorah

Electric Menorah (Photo credit: ms.sandra)

  • Do you have a big bay window that you want to call attention to? This would be a good place to display candles or any lighted decoration.
  • Small TreeIf you plan to display a tree consider a small table-top one. Trees can be tricky because they can take up a lot of floor space making it hard to comprehend the size of the room.
  • Blue treeWhen decorating consider the palate of your furniture, paint, etc. and choose decorations that will complement that. For inspiration visit stores and look at how the displays tend to use two to three colors and repeating patterns.

Make the most of your last holiday before you move onto your new home! Use the decorations to make your home stand out and highlight the best features.

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