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Last week a very special exhibition opened at the Field Museum. Opening the Vaults will be on display for almost a year, it isn’t schedule to close until September 7, 2014. While you may have tons of time to see it this is the first museum exhibit I would ever suggest visiting when you know there will be a crowd.

Imagine a time long before the internet. When ladies wore corsets and men wore tails. Imagine the entire world descending on your city to show off its wares and curiosities. Lines tested the patience of excited visitors, some of whom went to great lengths for a ticket even mortgaging their home, hoping to catch a glimpse of each unique display.

A city showcases itself demonstrating to the world that a great fire can only make us stronger. As its rebuild is celebrated Chicago continues its growth by using the grand event to establish a great museum.

Visit this show when you are sure to see a crowd and practice the patience held by visitors to the fair. Peek past rows of people to catch a glimpse of some of the museum’s greatest and oldest treasures.

This show is not just about a single event in Chicago, it is about the making of a great Chicago institution, the Field Museum.

For more information visit: http://fieldmuseum.org/happening/exhibits/opening-vaults-wonders-1893-worlds-fair

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