Have you ever started a home project thinking you measured everything so perfectly that you can make all the cuts you need and simply put everything together, to find out  something’s just not right?

Uh oh! This bracket won’t go it because the pipe above won’t let it angle up enough!

Remember to lay everything out first and spend time planning your approach! If all of the shelves in the closet pictured above where in place before we noticed the top brackets can’t be attached without moving the bar away from the pipe it would have been a big project to take everything apart.

One friend, when retiling his bathroom, followed some advice to start from the center with the tiles and work out from there. When he approached either edge he found that he needed half a tile on both sides! Had he laid it all out first he could have adjusted accordingly and would not have needed to cut any tiles.

Lay everything out first and your projects will finish more quickly and more beautifully!

After sliding the bars to the left side of the pipe we were able to attach the brackets, slide the bars back in place, and complete the job.

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