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There are many steps to preparing a home for sale. The most prominent one is probably staging. Are the few months before you prepare to market your home the best time to plan how it will be staged and decorated or might it be good to consider it long beforehand?

My husband and I think we will probably be ready to move to a larger home in the next two to three years. We have lived in this condo for 5 years. When we bought it, it looked like this.

Taupe Condo Before Purchase

Taupe condo as it looked at the open house when we first saw it.

Complete with builder grade appliances.

appliances 1 appliances 2

We have put a lot of work into the home for our own enjoyment. We upgraded the appliances, added a backsplash to the kitchen and the built in desk, upgraded the light switches and outlets, bought custom curtains for the large windows, and painted all of the walls.


It’s looking very nice now, but still needs a little work. Knowing that we will want to sell in a few years we need to take into careful consideration how much additional work to put in and how it will affect our potential sales price.

We have agreed to replace the counter, sink, and faucets in the bathroom and feel comfortable with the budget for that. The big debate is what to do with the kitchen. The granite needs to at least be professionally resealed, it’s not in very good shape. However,     I don’t think it looks right with the new paint and would rather replace it with a beautiful Corian counter that I found. I’m confident that we will recoup the cost of replacing the counter in the sale, but I guess he’s not confident that it will make a big enough difference to spend all of that money in the first place.

Our market can support a granite or Corian countertop, so that is not our debate. The debate is whether completing the overall design with a different colored counter would make a significant difference in how quickly we will be able to sell and how confidently can we recoup the costs.

Deciding how much work to put in your home and when to stop is a very important step when planning your future sale.

I’ve made a quick mock up of how the kitchen would look if we paint the cabinets and change the counter. The first example shows just the painted cabinets and the second shows the new countertop as well. If you were a buyer which kitchen would be more appealing to you and why?



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