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If you cook a lot, like I do, you might have a stack of lids like this:

LIfe Hacker Organize Pot Lids

Vying for room in a space about this big:

LIfe Hacker Organize Pot Lids

Last week I came across a post on LifeHacker.com and knew it was the solution I needed.  Very simply, it suggested hanging the pot lids on the inside of the door to the cabinet. I tried it and now my lids look like this:

LIfe Hacker Organize Pot Lids

The ones I use most often are very easy to access and there are currently only three lids in the space that formerly housed seven. I have come up with a few tips of my own, should you try this project in your kitchen.

  1. Definitely use removable hooks, like Command Strips by 3M. They will leave the cabinet doors in good shape when you move. Besides, the next person might not need the same set up.
  2. See how my cabinet has a drawer in it? When hanging your lids make sure neither the hooks or the handles will interfere with places like that.
  3. Can you see how my hooks on the copper lid are almost at the sides? That lid sits more flat against the surface than any of the other lids. That seems to be the ideal placement for the hooks. The lid next to it (top right) has one hook that is nearly vertical, so it doesn’t sit well. The third one I hung (bottom right) is about the same size as the copper lid, but the top of the lid sticks pretty far out because the hooks are too close to eachother.

If you are going to try this I hope these tips come in handy. I’ll probably fix my mistakes later and hang one or two more in other cabinets. Please share your experience if you try this too!

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