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First walking into Karamela one might think they cater to giants, the ceilings are high, tables are tall, and the walls hold giant forks and spoons. Not to worry, the portions were actually sized quite well for average adults.

The space is dominated by a large central counter, one side houses the coffee stations, another side houses the crepe stations, and front and center the case is full of beautiful pastries from Vanille. If you have been to the French Market at Ogilvie you may be familiar with these pastries, they welcome everyone coming from the trains at the entrance of the Market. This case alone will make Karamela a valuable addition to the South Loop. Imagine treating your dinner guests to fresh gourmet cakes that you simply bought earlier in the day, freeing yourself to focus on preparing the main meal, or picking up some perfect macarons to present as a hostess gift over the holidays.

By Bryan Ochalla (originally posted to Flickr as Macaron trio) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

There is also a small assortment of European candies and French breads for purchase at the counter.

All orders are placed at the counter, but if you are eating in they will give you a number and bring your food to your table. The service is fast, the wifi is free, and the employees are very friendly.

My friends and I tried three savory crepes, the Prairie Crepe, the Complete Crepe, and the Atlantic Crepe, all of which were delicious! Each crepe was served with a small salad making the lunches well balanced and quite healthy. For dessert we had to try a pastry, we had the Amber, which is a lemon caramel tart drizzled with your choice of caramel or chocolate. It was rich and refreshing!

Prairie Crepe

We hoped our coffee would be served in regular cups, instead we had paper cups. We did see that they have regular cups, so if you are looking for a nice afternoon spot to linger over coffee and cake with a friend I would suggest asking for the coffee in a real cup, it will complete the relaxed atmosphere.

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