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Whether you are just preparing your property for lease or freshening it up between tenants this checklist can help you make sure your investment stays in great condition, protecting its value.

  • If the unit is furnished, make sure furnishings are clean and in good repair. Supply an inventory list to your tenant and retain a copy for yourself.
  • Clean the unit from top to bottom, carefully dusting and mopping; clean the window blinds and cabinetry.
  • Make sure all appliances are clean and in working order. Leave instructions for their use.
  • Check the plumbing, electrical outlets, and wall switches for function. Also replace any dead light bulbs.
  • Re-caulk the tub, if needed.
  • Give the walls a fresh coat of paint.
  • Shampoo or replace any carpeting.
  • If the unit has gas appliances install a carbon monoxide detector. Show the tenant where to find that and the smoke detectors and give written procedures of how to operate them.
  • Service heating/cooling systems if needed and replace HVAC filters.
  • Be sure to re-key the property prior to each new tenancy.

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