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The other day I was looking through Pinterest and came across one of many links to great household tips you never thought of. Pinterest is full of these. Sometimes they have something that is new to me. This day I learned that you can paint upholstery!

Having a couch that I would love to reupholster I was immediately drawn into this idea.

My boring, old couch

I read the blog that the Pinterest article linked to. It sounds like the process is very simple. Only four tools are needed; latex satin paint, spray bottle with water, paint brush, fabric medium, and super fine grit sand paper. Along with the latex paint you can also use, acrylic craft paint, but I am not clear as to why one would use both kinds of paint.

The paint is mixed to be more like a stain. Mix 1:1 latex paint with fabric medium. Then it says to mix 1/2 the amount of paint with water. So I think the proportions are 2:2:1, paint:fabric medium:water and mix the water in last. Then you simply spritz the upholstered surface with water and paint away! It is stressed to paint along the grain of the fabric and be careful to blend. After 3 thin coats my couch could look more like this:

The biggest concern I have with this idea is that everything I have read says the fabric ends up being harder, a little stiffer. Before I try it on an everyday couch I think I would try it on a piece of furniture that we don’t really use.

The best use I can think of for this trick is in staging. If you are staging your home for sale and need to add a decorative piece of furniture you can buy a used piece and paint it to match your decor.

For some good examples of before/after painted furniture click here.

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