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About two years ago my husband and I considered buying a new couch for the living room. We went to a store and found a sectional that we thought looked great! The listed measurements were small enough to fit in the room and the fabric choices were perfect. We took all of the information home with us to think it over before committing to our dream couch.

The dream went up in a puff of smoke as soon as we pulled out the tape measure and realized the couch would have been too big for the room. Sure, it was technically small enough to fit, but had we bought it we would have had to give up our end tables and some additional floor space just so the couch would fit.

In my opinion, deciding not to buy a great couch due to size is far less heart-breaking than coming to that realization about a property. Especially if you find out too late, homes tend to be non-refundable.

When you are looking for a home and you think you found the right one be sure to measure the home and make sure your furniture will fit in every room. There are many free online programs for designing floorplans. One, for example, is called planyourroom.com. With measurements of the room dimensions and your furniture you can lay everything out electronically to help visualize yourself in the home.

Here is an example I created of a simple billiards room.

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