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Having lots of beautiful pictures of your property will entice interested buyers to come see it for themselves. A good photographer will take care to showcase your home as best as possible. Here are a few things to pay attention to on photography day to make sure your house is magazine ready.


  1. Turn on all of the lights in the home. Even if it’s a sunny day the extra light makes a noticeable difference through the lens of a camera.
  2. Smooth out all of your fabrics. A couch with rumpled pillows may be comfortable, but freshly fluffed pillows are more inviting.
  3. Move all stray objects out of sight (e.g. objects that tend to be stored on countertops, hairbrush, sponge, dish soap). Remember the buyers are purchasing fixtures, not your soap wand, leaving it out just causes a distraction.
  4. You photographer should take shots at an angle, from the corner of the room, to include as much of the room as possible—this also gives a sense of space, and there should never be a reflection of a camera flash or person in a mirror. This can be difficult to achieve in small powder rooms, but it is possible! (I once had to take a photo of a bathroom that was practically covered in mirrors. It took some creative maneuvering on my part as the photographer, but I managed to keep me and the flare of the flash out of it.)
  5. Make sure all toilet seats are closed!

Seeing pictures, a floorplan, and a virtual tour will help the buyers become familiar with your home before visiting. It also helps weed out buyers who are absolutely not interested in the home, saving you from a number of unnecessary showings.

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