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Many properties in the city have only one living room, making it a multi-purpose room for entertaining, relaxing, watching t.v., or watching the fireplace. With all these functions that one room needs to serve the placement of furniture is very important. The furniture needs to be arranged in such a way to promote conversation and focus on the t.v. or fireplace at the appropriate times only.


There are a few key essentials to the furniture arrangement that will help any living room serve multiple functions.

PROMOTE CONVERSATION In a small living room it is easy to group the chairs and couches so they face each other and are close enough for comfortable conversation. In a larger living room this is sometimes best accomplished by creating two or more groupings of furniture. Watch Out! Avoid placing furniture in an isolated corner. This will in-turn give a sense of isolation to anyone who decides to use it.

PROVIDE ACCESSIBILITY Whether party goers all have drinks or you are lounging with a book it is important to have access to a table from every seat in the room. Watch Out! Without a table nearby objects are more likely to be placed on the floor causing an increased risk of spillage or breakage.

PLAN ADAPTABILITY Consider the many potential uses of the living room. If the room will also be a guest room from time to time either a fold away bed in your couch or a couch long enough to double as a bed will be vital. Many pieces of furniture are also designed to be used as extra storage. Also consider whether the furniture will be moved with any kind of regularity. Furniture casters or light-weight furniture will help make this easy. Watch Out! If you need all of the above keep in mind that fold away beds and furniture full of storage can become quite heavy and more difficult to move, especially when placed on carpet.

ATTENTION SPAN Whether the focal point in the room is the t.v. or the fireplace it should be easy to enjoy from every seat in the room. Some ways to have multiple focal points are to place the t.v. above the fireplace or in a cabinet next to the fire. A t.v. that can be hidden can help give the room a formal feel when it is tucked away. Watch Out! Some gas fireplaces give off too much heat for a t.v. to be mounted above, the heat can harm the electronics. If the t.v. is the main focal point of the room, but is turned off it can seem like staring into a black hole. For such situations prepare a slow slideshow of images that can make it seem more like a piece of live art.

By observing these suggestions your living room will be able to transform to any use necessary at a moment’s notice.

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