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It’s currently 83º outside, so honestly, do you blame me for taking a two and a half mile walk from a meeting to lunch today in kitten heels instead of taking the el? Perhaps it wasn’t the smartest move. And perhaps walking from lunch another mile home wasn’t brilliant either. However, these two walks prepared my feet perfectly to check out the new foot spa at 9th and Michigan, that has been causing quite a buzz in the neighborhood.

The special grand opening treatment includes an hour long foot, shoulder, head, neck, and back massage for only $36. The regular price is $45. The flyer asks for appointments only, but we walked in and asked if we could get just the foot massage. They agreed, but it is unclear whether they mean to offer any of the massages separately.

After having walked so much already today a 20 minute foot massage was just what I needed. We stretched out on oversized chairs in a dim room. It is a loft space, so the walls did not reach the ceiling and the room did not have a door. It’s really a great setting for a mid-day stop off. Quiet spa music softly plays in the background and everyone makes an effort to remain quiet even when walking past the treatment rooms.

This is not a high-end, forget the world and require an hour or so to recover and function after your massage kind of spa. It is still possible to hear busses pass, but at the same time it’s relaxing enough to escape the world while retaining the ability to return promptly, refreshed and ready to continue the day.

I look forward to planning an hour for the full treatment. They are open until 10:00 p.m. every day, so it can easily be scheduled for the end of the day.

DQ also plans to offer smoothies and fruit bowls. The smoothie bar opens on Monday and I can’t wait to refer to DQ as a great place for fresh fruit smoothies as opposed to the one on Wabash that is known for chocolate dipped ice cream cones. The smoothies will be priced from $4.50-5.15 and the fruit cups will be $5.50. Sounds to me like the perfect treat after an evening at Summer Dance!