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Perhaps it’s not a new trend, but it only came across to me last night. I was browsing Facebook and learned that a friend is painting her apartment. As you may recall, we just finished painting our condo, so the magnitude of that task is still fresh in my mind. I sent her well-wishes and later in the evening received an email that another friend of her’s commented.


She said that she used to paint her apartments, but since that would always lose her security deposit she has started using removable wallpaper. That way she can decorate and still get her deposit back.

Whether you rent and want to do a simple decoration that won’t compromise your deposit or you are more like Auntie Mame and prefer to change your decoration with the seasons removable wallpaper might be a great option for you.

You can also buy blank wallpaper on which you can paint a mural. How much fun could that be in a kid’s room? You could either paint a beautiful scene for them or put it in a playroom and let them be the artists!


There are certainly a lot of blogs highlighting the pros and cons of removable wallpaper and some dos and don’ts. Some common themes I found in my brief research of the subject:

  1. Use over semi-gloss or eggshell paint.
  2. Be prepared to re-stick or touch up areas of the wall that are touched often.
  3. After removing the paper be ready to cover residual glue marks and freshen the walls with a coat of paint.

I found this blog post which looks to be helpful in finding retailers for the paper. If you would like to learn more about it I urge you to search the web for blogs and articles by people who have used the product.


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