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With a background in the arts, I often come across circles of people who need live/work spaces or dream of owning space in which to create art. Whether it’s welding, cabinetry, dance, or music, artists need to take in a few extra considerations when looking for a home for their craft.

If you take a look at the Chicago Zoning and Land Use Ordinance, found through the city’s website, you will see that one has to dig deep to find the codes that permit art uses. Maybe one day I’ll meet an artist who wants to set his craft aside and carefully study the entire zoning ordinance to figure out where he can set up shop, but for everyone else there is Chicago Artists Resource (CAR).

As an artist you may be familiar with CAR’s website for finding jobs and connecting with like-minded locals, but it also has a fabulous section related to real estate. Within that section is the following chart to swiftly explain what zoning codes to look for when searching for a home for your craft.

Chicago Artist Zoning Chart

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