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Have you every paid attention to how often the Y symbol appears around the city? This symbol came from the river. The first city charter, which occurred on March 4, 1837, recognized three districts, north, south, and west, each distinguished by their location along the river.

The Y has become a symbol of civic pride for Chicagoans, which we celebrate today as Chicago turns 175 years old!

During the year Chicago established itself as a city it also established itself as the intellectual, cultural, and fashionable town it is today.

1837 was the same year Rush Medical College opened. Now ranked one of the top 10 medical colleges of the country with the lowest acceptance rate Rush continues to hold a strong presence in the city of Chicago.

Chicago is well-known for it’s expansive theater district. The formation of this began in 1837 when Chicago’s first local theater company, the Chicago Theater was established.

Long before the Magnificent Mile, decades before the Great Chicago Fire, C.D. Peacock opened it’s doors as Chicago’s fine jeweler. While the prominent State St. store from 1927 is no longer occupied by the jeweler the company lives on bringing fine jewelry to four locations in the city and suburbs.

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As you walk through downtown this year take a little extra time to soak in the rich history of our city. Look at the detailing in the architecture and notice the countless Ys permanently displaying our pride for the city of Chicago!

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