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A quick and simple update to a home is to install new decorative style outlets. Their elegant look take years off of a home’s feel.

Below is a video tutorial on how to replace a standard wall outlet.

  1. Make sure the electricity to the outlet is turned off!
  2. Remove the plate and unscrew the outlet.
  3. Notice that the white wire connects to the silver screws and the colored wire connects to the gold screws.
  4. Carefully loosen and unhook each wire.
  5. Wrap the wires around the screws on the new outlet or thread them through the coordinating holes on the back of the outlet. Make sure the white wire is connected to the silver screws and the colored wire to the gold screws.
  6. Tighten the screws carefully assuring there are no stray wires and that all wires are secure and covered.
  7. Attach the new outlet to the wall and straighten as you tighten the screws.
  8. Replace the plate.

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