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The new year brings the urge for renewal for many people. We take a good look at our spaces, at work, at home, and ourselves and set goals to make everything better in the coming year. When I look at my spaces I like to break them into pieces and focus on improving them one bit at a time.

Over the past year we made great improvements to our foyer. It’s a very small space, only about 7’x7′, but in one-bedroom loft every inch counts. When we moved in a few years ago the area only had four little hooks in an inset part of the wall next to the door. directly across from the door was unused space that was intended to be the closet. It seems a proper closet was never built.

We pulled together our organization skills, mostly learned from the Container Store and Real Simple Magazine, and we started designing our “dream” foyer.

The first thing to move was the hooks. We wanted to put a closet rod where they were.

Image of our entryway during the open house when we first saw the unit.

Image of our entryway during the open house when we first saw the unit.

Below the hooks we put a folding bookshelf to hold shoes on the bottom and assorted items such as keys and sunglasses on the top shelf, making the hooks a perfect place for hats, scarves, and my purse. We originally installed a closet rod with only one shelf attached, but with 11′ ceilings it always felt like wasted space. So we replaced it with a rod and four shelves that go to the ceiling. We also bought containers to hold extra items; hats, scarves, umbrellas, ski boots and my favorite secret is that we haven’t filled all of the storage we have added!

(I can share pictures after we paint in a few weeks, the finishing touch!)

The keys to an open, organized foyer that we followed are:

1. Small, light-colored furniture in front of the door allowing extra storage, but also opening the space up so the eye is immediately diverted into the apartment and away from the small entry.

2. Bulky hanging area tucked away next to the door to be less noticeable and keeps coats from disrupting the pathway into the home.

3. Use the vertical space for lots of storage!

4. Fill the shelves with matching containers to hold tiny objects while keeping the area organized and clutter free.

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