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What’s your favorite fabric store? Vogue? Fishman’s? I know I’ve just found mine. It’s called Textile Discount Outlet. Mari Ann, the owner of Urban Remix told me about it.

I was in her store the other week just looking around and we started chatting a bit. I told her that I have a broken love seat and while I’ve been thinking of replacing it, that morning I remembered that I have two director’s chairs with completely worn out fabric. I thought maybe if I just replace their fabric with leather I could hold off on buying a couch a little longer.  She told me to look no further than Textile Discount Outlet in Pilsen.

A day or two later I took a field trip to 2121 W. 21st Street. I was happy to learn that they have parking. The building takes up almost a city block. It’s two stories tall and is separated into three huge rooms per floor.

We walked in and were immediately overwhelmed by the space and all of the fabric and notions that filled it. A kind gentleman showed me to the leather section. Leather is not their specialty, so the section is very small and it is only made up of remnants. Never the less I found a beautiful, very soft piece that would be perfect for my chairs.

We walked around the rest of the store before purchasing the leather to get a good sense of what else is available. Every corner we turned held a new surprise. From organza, to suiting fabric, and blankets to upholstery, each room was entirely different.

The material contents are not marked on the bolt as one will often find in fabric stores. However, the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and plentiful. They can quickly help with any questions.

When purchasing my leather they were very careful to cut just the amount that I needed, creating as little waste as possible. The price was fantastic. For the two chairs the leather cost only $17.

I’ve assembled them with lots of staples and a few leather straps. Now the only question is, how to make them look even more unique.

Image of Chairs

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