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Chicago City Estates Terri Buseman @donnascafe thank you for agreeing to a twitterview.
Donna's Cafe South Loop Chicago @terribuseman Thank you for asking!
@donnascafe To start, share with us where you grew up, went to school and what your 1st career was.
Donna's Cafe @terribuseman I grew up on the Southside, Gresham area, went to Calumet High School. My first career was as a Police Officer.
Chicago City Estates - Terri Buseman @donnascafe How long were you an officer and what led you to opening your cafe, they are very differnt fields?
Donna's Cafe @terribuseman I was an Officer for 25yrs. very different! Officers in Englewood needed a place to purchase good/healthy food.

They needed a place to go and relax, I wanted to provide that.

Chicago City Estates - Terri Buseman @donnascafe What brought you to the South Loop?
Donna's Cafe @terribuseman I happened to find what I thought was a perfect spot to put my idea in motion! A diverse area still growing.
Chicago City Estates - Terri Buseman @donnascafe That is a nice thing about this neighborhood! How did you choose your menu?
Donna's Cafe @terribuseman I wanted the menu to be simple but varied, a healthier alternative to some of the fast food places. But yummy!
Chicago City Estates - Terri Buseman @donnascafe and some of the salads are quite inventive!

What one thing have you learned that has served you well over the years?

Donna's Cafe @terribuseman Most of the salads I created, some were designed by a chef, I had lots of input from my staff as well. New ones are coming.

There really hasn’t been just 1 thing! Most important to me is treating others as well as they allow me to! So many lessons..

…so little time. And I’m always learning, I try to learn something new everyday.

Chicago City Estates - Terri Buseman @donnascafe That reminds me of the REALTOR code of ethics which is based on the golden rule, treat others as you would like to be treated.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn a little more about #Twitter today!

Can you tell us about special events you host such as Family Game Night, et. al.?

Donna's Cafe @terribuseman It is kind of like that.

This is fun!

Wed. night is family night, parents come in with the kids and the kids play board games while the parents chat.

1st Fri. of the month I have Spoken Word and Open Mic, Sat. is Scrabble night for the adults.

Chicago City Estates - Terri Buseman @donnascafe What age range are the kids you see at Family night?
Donna's Cafe @terribuseman The kids are as old as 10 and as young as 6 months. It varies.
Chicago City Estates - Terri Buseman @donnascafe It’s great that you have programming for everyone.

Do you have any new projects coming up in the near future?

Donna's Cafe @terribuseman I didn’t program Family Night, the kids did! They set Wed. as the night to go to Ms Donna’s! lol Sounded like a good idea!
Chicago City Estates - Terri Buseman @donnascafe That’s fantastic! #FamilyNight at #MsDonna’s
Donna's Cafe @terribuseman I’m working on a data base for a birthday club.
Chicago City Estates - Terri Buseman @donnascafe How will that work?
Donna's Cafe @terribuseman I need to figure out how to pick the birthday person, lol but when I do they will get a free cake for them & 5 friends.
Chicago City Estates - Terri Buseman @donnascafe Wow! That sounds like a great prize!!

I suppose that kind of answers my next question which was, how important is it to recognize loyal customers?

Donna's Cafe @terribuseman lol I hope it will be!

It has been shown that loyal customers are the bread & butter of any business. I like and enjoy my regulars!

They are very important to me!

Chicago City Estates - Molly Heyen @donnascafe At dinner last night I was talking to a new friend about how nice it is to visit a business and feel surrounded by friends.
Chicago City Estates - Terri Buseman @donnascafe What percentage of your customers are from the neighborhood?
Donna's Cafe @mollyheyen That’s exactly what I want to share when folks come in! I want there to be very good experience that we share, have fun, laughs!
Donna's Cafe @terribuseman at least 90-95%, the other 5-10% are friends and ex-coworkers.
Chicago City Estates - Terri Buseman @donnascafe And hopefully you are making new friends too.

What community events or charities do you support or sponsor?

Donna's Cafe @terribuseman I have made some great friends! I’m enjoying myself, I love meeting and chatting with people.

I support the #MsSociety, we just completed the walk for 2011 and raised over $2000, far beyond our goal!

Chicago City Estates - Terri Buseman @donnascafe That’s fantastic! A good cause #MsSociety

What do you do for fun/relaxation?

Donna's Cafe @terribuseman I’ve heard of that concept lol. Not much time but if I have time I love to garden and I read a lot
Chicago City Estates - Molly Heyen @donnascafe Container gardening has been tough this year since it just won’t warm up!
Donna's Cafe @mollyheyen I don’t do much container gardening, I have a very large yard, so I work right in the ground, love getting my hands dirty!
Chicago City Estates - Terri Buseman @donnascafe Can you please name some of your favorite restaurants, stores, books, movies, and music.
Chicago City Estates - Molly Heyen @donnascafe I only have a balcony so we’ve been using earth boxes. I got excited when it was so warm that I planted too soon and they died.

I have to replant everything soon.

Donna's Cafe @terribuseman I love Lawrys for steak, any shoe store! I love books by #L.A.Banks, #AlexArcher & #JonMerz. Action movies are my fav and jazz!
Donna's Cafe @mollyheyen next time try pansies they can take the changes in our spring weather, then fill in with other annuals.
Chicago City Estates - Terri Buseman @donnascafe I think we are almost out of time. What are your fav Jazz Musicians? It’s obviously one of your biggest hobbies!
Chicago City Estates - Molly Heyen @donnascafe Thanks! I will. I had morning glories growing up the sides of the balcony last year. I want to do that again, but I need filler.
Donna's Cafe @terribuseman Charlie “Bird” Parker, Sarah Vaugan, of course Miles Davis, there are so many more…
Chicago City Estates - Terri Buseman @donnascafe The music you play gives the cafe a great relaxing atmosphere.

Donna, thank you so much for your time! I hope this has been a good experience for you and I wish you the best of luck!

Donna's Cafe @terribuseman Thanks, that it is just the atmosphere I want to create, the feeling I want customers to feel.

Thank you so very much, it has been fun!

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