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Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley

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If you were born in 1989 it is quite possible you have never seen a Chicago mayor other than Richard Daley. For 22 years we have had the same man in the mayor’s office. This little fact got us wondering, what else happened 22 years ago? Thanks to the Google timeline search this is very easy to research.

In January the Tribune posted a story about an FBI sting at the Mercantile Exchange that resulted in indictments against 46 traders for trading abuse. Today with high-frequency trading as the wave of the future in 22 years the market has become a whole new world.

In February Mazda introduced the Miata at the Chicago Auto Show. Although it has been updated the Miata is still a popular and affordable little sports car.

The Four Seasons Hotel opened in March. Today it is still voted as one of the world’s top hotels.

Richard Daley was elected mayor on April 4. Chicago did not elect a different mayor until February 23, 2011

In May the Chicago Bulls won the 5th game of the first round in the NBA playoffs with what is to some referred to as “The Shot”.

In the last two minutes of the May 31st game Detroit squeezed in a win over the Bulls.

July brought a terrible plane crash of a United Airlines flight that was scheduled to fly from Chicago to Denver.

In August the FBI sting from January called out more indictments from fraudulent trades and reported there could be as many as 200.

September 2, 1989, Michael Jordan marries Juanita Vanoy.

On October 28 the Metra’s last three early 1950’s vintage EMD E-8’s that used to run from Chicago to Harvard made a final run for fans to watch and photograph.

1991 Pulitzer Prize winner, Shulamit Ran premiered her String Quartet No. 2 in November.

In December Dennis Britton was named Editor at the Sun-Times.

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